Tatiana Dimova – Tita graduated from Lyuben Karavelov High School, Varna in 1994 “Fine Arts and Pedagogy” and in the period 1994 – 1999 followed by “Scenography” at the New Bulgarian University. Since 2001 she has been working with Ukrainian director Andrei Zholdak, Created scenography and costumes for performances in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Brazil ,, Romania ,, Macedonia participation in festivals – Vienna – Wiener’Festwochen, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Romania, Macedonia. Works in theater, film and television, music videos and art and interior projects. Nominated for the decor of the Golden Mask Moscow -2006; UNESCO.Laureates 2004 Performing Arts- Petersburg- “Goldone.Venice’ Andrew Oldak; UNITER Gala Prize for the best Romanian performance Othello ?! –-2002