About our


We create unique objects of contemporary art, crafts and design. We work mainly on demand. Our products could vary in size, materials and color schemes according to your specific interior and requirements.

Our Story


We create:

  • Wall decorations
  • Fashion accessories
  • Lamp design
  • Artistic wall clocks

Consultations for your unique interior projects: You need to paint your apartment and you hesitate about the colors? You want to add an artistic touch to your home or refresh the walls with some murals or wall hangings? We’re here to help.

Some of our clients:

Restaurant MoMa, Sofia, Saathci&Saatchi, Sofia, Bold showroom, Sofia, Sun&Moon, Sofia


Our Team

We are a team of young and skilled artists and designers who work in the field of contemporary art, design, and crafts. We work closely with interior designers and architects for some specific solutions and spaces

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